About Us

Welcome to an energizing new world of fresh. 

Who knew that all it took was some simple science and the power of electricity to get the most powerful fresh you’ve ever smelled?

In 2017, Miami’s Chamber of Commerce embarked on a quest to reduce odor and contamination in the city. Little did they know, the company they hired (us!) would stumble upon a solution that changed everything we know about cleaning & deodorizing.

After years of experimenting with tried-and-tested formulations, our cleaning chemists came across a simple but powerful combination. By harnessing the natural powers of electricity and the natural chemical reaction between water and salt, we identified a strong disinfectant (hypochlorous acid) and gentle, safe pH balanced deodorizer (sodium hydroxide)–all without the need for any harmful chemicals. The issue? This compound, known as electrolyzed water, only remained stable for a few hours at a time. This was the cue for the revolutionary chemists at ElectriFresh to step up and work their magic.

Our chemists identified a way to stabilize this compound, resulting in a shelf-stable, science-driven solution that lasts over two years. Truly a spark of clean-ius!

From there, the revolutionary portal to the future of clean was opened— providing families everywhere with all-in-one, natural, and safe solutions to home cleaning & deodorizing.

Are you ready to clean more with less? Jump start your cleaning with the revolutionary ElectriFresh. 


The ElectriFresh Team