GoFresh 4oz Travel

Fabrics, Surfaces & Air

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GoFresh 4oz Travel

GoFresh 4oz Travel

Fabrics, Surfaces & Air

Instantly Eliminates Odors
fragrance & Dye Free
safe & non-toxic
Made with 100% Recycled Plastics
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ElectriFresh is formulated from Electrolyzed Water - the result of a natural reaction between water, salt & electricity

safe, powerful, gentle

Fragrance-free, odorless, and zero toxic chemicals. ElectriFresh fights odors while providing gentle, yet powerfully effective odor elimination. ElectriFresh is 100% safe for pets, plants, and people.

*Skin, Food & Digestion Safe

Shockingly Fresh

Instantly and permanently breaks down odors at the molecular level


Electricity x (Water + Salt) = Electrolyzed Water

Natural compounds created are Hypochlorous Acid & Sodium Hydroxide

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Tested & Proven

ElectriFresh is high enough on the pH scale to eliminate odors, germs & bacteria but low enough that it is skin & digestion safe.

Made in U.S.A.

Formulated, produced & bottled in the USA.

Backed by Science

By zapping salt water with low voltage electricity, we create Electrolyzed Water.

Unlimited Uses

Any place you don't want to use toxic fragrances? How about everywhere - Furniture, Blankets, Your Bed, Pet's Bed, Litter Boxes, Chew Toys, Clothing, Sports/Gym Equipment, Fabrics, Bathrooms, Kitchens & More

"I've been slowly getting rid of all the toxic chemicals in my house. Cross “fabric fresheners” off the list!"

-Tom H.

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Perfect for pet stains and odors

Electrolyzed Water has been trusted by hospitals for decades

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